Complete Tattoo Removal Guide [Infographic]

There are several methods to remove a tattoo: tattoo removal cream, cover-up, laser tattoo removal, DIY kits and other. Not all of them have any effect. Some of them could be dangerous for your skin.

Laser tattoo removal is the most efficient. After 5-10 sessions your tattoo will be totally removed. Tattoo removal cream is a nice way to slightly fade out your tattoo.

Tattoo cover-up is a great change to change your old tattoo to the better one. Other methods are quite dangerous.

Be careful with them. They are cheap and you can find a lot of promises they will work. But they can leave only scars. Attend only to professionals.

Find out everything about tattoo removal options, their pros and cons.

Complete Tattoo Removal Guide [Infographic]

Source: Find Tattoo Design

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