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Infographic Marketing Ultimate Guide

Infographic Marketing is becoming popular day by day. Do you want to know Why your Brain Craves Infographics? In this  Infographic Marketing Ultimate Guide I will be answering your all questions you have in mind about Infographic Marketing.

What is an infographic?

Infographics are the new currency in the internet marketing.

People nowadays, use it every day and it is surely an effective method to convey your message across.

From the marketers, they are easily able to convey their message, and for the end users, they are able to take in or grasp it well, with less work off course.

The only thing they have to do is to grasp in the visual information rather then read the whole text otherwise. We all know that pictures are a great tool for conveying messages then words, but if that is the case then, what price do we put on a well-designed infographic?

What makes an Infographic Good?

A well-designed infographic should:

  • Be of very high quality
  • Be well designed and have the proper color combination
  • Not be lacking in direction
  • Be able to convey the message at one go
  • ROI of a Good Infographic

Be able to reach your target audience. Know your audience well and work on targeting them
Make the layout engaging and informative.

The well-planned layout is able to target more audience.

Pro Tip: Try to be original and do not repeat your illustrations. People are smart enough to know if that is original or copied. No one likes repeated things.

Some Important Facts about Infographics

  • Half of human brain is exposed to visual information
  • The average person is exposed to 174 newspaper per day
  • Of all the information transmitted successfully, 90% is visual
  • Infographics search volume has increased over 800% in the past two years
  • 65% of the total population are visual learners

Therefore, with infographics at its peak these days, try using one to convey your message.

Take my word, it’s easier this way round, rather than writing a piece of information for people to understand your message.

In addition, with today’s pace world, no one will bother reading something that is time-consuming, looks boring.

So, better get your artistic nature out and create an infographic. Make it colorful, use high content and it will be able to convey your message. You will be surprised how well audiences will appreciate it.

Not only your work will be out to the public, but your message will be out too. People generally have a preference over more visual content, such as images and videos, rather than an endless stream of dull and mind-numbing data.

What is infographic Design?

Infographic Design Example

Infographic Examples

Infographics are fun, visual representations of information or data that are used when something needs to be explained quickly and clearly.

See the real example on the post Way to Choose Baby’s First Solid Foods or find more visiting our infographic archive.

Creating infographics for your website is a great idea as it is an outstanding way to drive inbound links and traffic from other websites to yours.

As you probably know,

Links are the key to increasing your organic SEO rankings.

The best infographics are linked to heavily as people share the content with others via blogging, through tweeting on Twitter and by including the infographic link in their Facebook status updates – just to name a few examples of how powerful infographics can be.

As far as designing infographics go, it is always a good idea to hire a designer experienced in making infographics. This way the information you want to share can be put into an informative and fun design concept so that an entertaining visual presentation is created.

The other side of infographics design involves the public relations aspect, which involves identifying target niches and websites and outreaching to your target audiences with the goal being to gain traffic and links.

What is infographic marketing?

There are four distinct categories of infographics: educational, humorous, controversial and newsworthy.

Of course, it is up to you what type of infographic you will create.

This decision may very well be determined by the type of products and/or services you offer, the sort of business you have, etc.

Dan Purvis from created a video about what infographic marketing is exactly. See that video before jump to the next!

An infographic distribution page should be created. This page should include the title of the infographic, a smaller version of the infographic, a description and the copy and paste code people can use to paste your infographic onto their blog or website.

Top 20 Free Infographic Submission Sites

Hope you have already known about what is an infographic, how to design an infographic & how to promote an infographic.

To help you better, we wrote another article named Top 20 Free Infographic Submission Sites. All the infographic sites listed there are tested & authority site.

I think, this list is good enough to submit your infographics.

How effective infographic marketing is?

Here is a quick video about How To Earn High-Quality Backlinks with the infographic, see that! You will be known why infographic marketing is effective & how to do that. 

Once the infographic and the distribution page are created, seeding and distribution is the next step that must be taken.

Take the time to make a list of writers, bloggers and news outlets that might benefit from what your infographic has to offer.

You can send out press releases if you like or blast your message out through emails. You also should blog about your infographic and comment on other people’s blog about the information contained in your infographic.

Spread the word in any way you can using Facebook, Twitter or through online forums and other web-based media channels.

Remember that the more fun, controversial, educational or newsworthy your infographic is, the more successful it will be.

A great infographics design can literally set the web abuzz as your content contained within the infographic will be talked about and shared by a large number of people.

This popularity will inevitably mean more links and more traffic for you, which is the entire point behind creating infographics in the first place.

Another great way to increase the chance of your infographic going viral is to wander over to forum discussions related to your content.

Be careful not to spam them, but add to the discussions and re-post your infographic.

Also, head over to the knowledge-sharing site like Quora.

You will find hundreds of questions related to your topic, where you can comment by adding your infographic in the answers section.

You should also join relevant groups on Facebook and Linkedin and participate in active discussions. Share the infographic on the Facebook timeline and share the link with your Linkedin contacts by the “Post to Groups” and “Send To Individuals” feature.

Why is infographic marketing effective?

If the infographic is a good one, there will be many people who will want to add it to their own Blog/Page etc.

Some of them may even want to write an article to accompany your infographic, so you want to make it easy for them to do this.

One can easily generate an embed code by using Siege Media Embed Code generator. Simply fill out some fields that ask for your site name, post URL and image URL, Image Alt text, Desired Widths & Heights of image and embed box.

A code will then be generated which you can copy and paste into the HTML documents of your webpage wherever you want your code section to appear.

Let’s see, what Brian Dean says about what is it & how to do it more effectively. Brian Dean the founder of called it as Guestographics.

How to make a good infographic?

Infographics without any electronically read text are simply terrible for SEO. However, any Infographic without a proper title, permalink, and headline and body text does not mean anything. If you want your business to be accessible to search engines then it needs to have some somewhat content.

However, it has been the consensus amongst web designers and developers that web content must be accessible.

In addition, most of them do not approve text within images.

However, an Infographic is more often text within images.

The irony is that presenting all information in an Infographic would mean that you would not need an Infographic at the first place. Place only the most important information in the images.

In addition, while posting Infographic remember to include the context that has relevant text information in the blog post.

In short, make a SEO friendly Infographic.

Infographics are usually vertically long and need to be scrolled. A viewer gets hands on more and more information as they scroll down, which builds an ultimate consequence.

If your Infographic lacks continuity and simply forces, the viewer to scroll up and down constantly then it will annoy the reader.

Ensure that you are following the chronological order while making an Infographic.

One last thing to bear in mind, while all these tips will boost the chances of your infographic being shared and thus creating links, as with any form of content marketing, the true value lies with the content itself.

If the content is not great to begin with, then all these tips will count for nothing.

“HCG corporate designs” created a video about how they create an infographic. In this video, you will learn some important rules about creating an infographic.

If you prefer to do the work yourself, you can easily learn how to make infographics by locating a list of free online tools, which allow you to create some amazing visuals that are fully customizable.

Just remember to keep it simple and to research some great facts and statistics so that the final product is easy to digest, fun to view and deemed useful. makes design simple for everyone. This is an online tool to design blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.

Canva is well known as an infographic design tool. Here is a video about How To Create Infographics (The Ultra-Simple & Easy Way) using Canva

If you are new in the infographic, then look no further then canva, seriously it’s awesome.


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