Top 20 Free Infographic Submission Sites

Top 20 Free Infographic Submission Sites

Free infographic submission sites are rare. Infographic submission is one of the best way to build quality link. In this article, we are going to introduce you to top 20 free infographic submission sites. We will advise you what to keep in mind while submitting infographic.

What is Infographic?

Infographics are a fascinating visual representation that will help to explain complex data in one simple to understand the picture.  They are perfect in turning boring, complex data into an exciting and informative film that convey the message to the reader quickly.

Why Infographic Submission Sites Becoming Popular?

Infographic submission sites are becoming popular because today organization infographics have grown to become a modern means of communication.

The infographics will not only the help to attract visitors to your website but also will increase your websites SEO if posted on to correct infographic submission sites.

Additionally, posting the infographics on the free infographic submission sites, you are likely to gain free, high-quality backlinks, which play a significant role in improving your website’s Google ranking.

How to Promote Infographic?

After creating your infographics, you can get it out to the public in several ways.

One way to do this is using the social media. As millions of people love looking at pictures and are likely to share it with their friends if they find it interesting.

Some of the social sites that are perfect in promoting the infographics content include Twiter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Moreover, there are lots of infographic submission sites around the world available in paid & free. We will list below those top 20 free infographic submission sites you were looking for.

Why We Created this Infographic Submission List?

For any online venture or benefits, generating traffic is paramount.

Without traffic, your website will be like an abandoned place.

We understand that website traffics are the most vital element you need to succeed in your online business.

For this reason, we have created this  list of free infographic submission sites to assist any online marketer, business owner, online earners and bloggers in their internet content marketing.

People will easily comprehend what you are offering when you post it in the form of graphic or images instead of complex data regarding plain text or statistics.

To enhance the chances of success and build more backlinks as well as gain more traffic on your website, you can use both social media as well as Infographics directory websites.

Benefits of Infographic Submission

To summarize here are the main benefits of submitting infographics on social media and best infographics sites.

  • Increased Traffic Generation.
  • Higher exposure as well as increased site visibility.
  • Increase the chances of reaching your targeted audience.
  • You will better brand recognition resulting in increased leads, and sales.
  • Effective Social Media Marketing.

The Top 20 Free Infographic Submission Sites

Since there are very many free infographic websites where you can submit your infographics, it can be difficult for your when deciding which to use.

Some of the infographics sites will require you to registers; others are linked follow while others no follow.

After doing in-depth research, we have come up with a list of the top 20 free websites to submit your infographics and given you general information of what you need to know about each site.

Although, all these infographics websites are free, some of them have paid options.

Paid option helps to lessen the approval time before your infographics go live.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you must pay, many people have already used these free sites and gained immense traffic and backlinks to their sites.

Here are The Top 20 Free Infographic Directories

Reddit Infographics

Reddit Infographics is a subreddit for links to an infographic. This is similar to social bookmarking or voting site. Reddit Infographics requires signup before submission infographic there.

If you are new to Reddit then read this Reddit marketing guide! is an awesome site for the marketers to promote their infographic. Visually is 100% free to submit infographic, videos, presentation & web experiences. You must to  signup before submission graphic there.

Promote Infographic

Promote Infographic is another growing infographic submission sites. If you have a good looking infographic with 200 words unique article then we will publish your infographic.

Submit your infographic going submit infographic nav.

Slide Share

Slideshare is another great platform like to share infographic, video, documents & presentation. You should signup there & start uploading your infographics.

Flowing Data

If you want to publish your beautiful infographic to Flowing Data then you need to contact them first. Then they will mail you what to do.

Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics is an infographic sharing site, they won’t host your infographic. You should first upload your infographic to your site or anywhere else and then ask them to share your infographic.

I love Charts

It is easy to submit your infographic to I love Charts. They don’t require any registration, just go to the site & submit infographic.

Infographic Site

If you have an infographic then let them know. They don’t require any registration too but you have to contact them to submit your infographic.

Submit Infographics

Submit Infographics support free infographic submission but they have paid submission too. If you have hurry to publish your infographic then paid version will be the best option for you.

News I Like

News I Like don’t require signup to submit infographic there. You can submit infographic by going submit button on the navigation.

Infographic Journal

Infographic Journal is another great place to submit infographic for free but they have paid option. For the free submission, they will take some times to review & then it will go for schedule publishing.

If you have hurry to publish your infographic then go for the paid option.

The Infographics

It is easy to submit infographic to The Infographics. You just need to contact cumpsty to publish infographic to The Infographics.

Infographic Directory

Only one condition, the infographic should be in good quality. Infographic Directory will link to the website where it was originally published.

So, go & submit your beautiful infographic. 

Infographic List

To be featured on Infographic List, you have to submit a fantastic infographic with minimum 150 words unique  catchy description. is similar to You  have to register there to submit or create infographic there.

Infographics King

Submitting infographic to infographics king is easy. Just go to submit infographic link from the top navigation & submit infographic.

Infographic Reviews

To submit infographic to infographic reviews you don’t need to do anything special. Just go to the site & submit your infographic following their instruction.

Only Infographic

To submit infographic to only infographic, go to submit infographic link from the top navigation bar.

Nerd Graph

Submit infographic to Nerd Graph. You don’t need to do register or anything irritating there to do that.

Infographics Zone

Follow infographics zone direction to publish your infographic to Infographics Zone. To see the direction, go to the submit infographic link from the top nav.

In conclusion

There are lots of free infographics submission sites out there but we list here top 20 infographic submission sites among them.

All the infographic submission sites listed here are tested in October 2016. All are live & authority site. Hope this list will help you.

Let me know your opinion on this Top 20 Free Infographic Submission Sites article over the comment.

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