Infographic of top 5 best trolling motor battery

Infographic of top 5 best trolling motor battery

Looking best trolling motor battery in the market? Okay, we displayed top five best trolling motor batteries in this infographic.

We selected these some important factors, like group, cold start, Reserve capacity etc. Because the group is simply a number that refers to the external dimensions of the battery and the configuration of terminals or poles of the same.

Each trolling motor is assigned by the manufacturer of the battery group should use. Some of the most common are 32, 34, 37, 65 and 75. For example, the group 34 is for all Chrysler cars.

So if we buy a battery the wrong group, then that is the big problem.

Cold start is the ability of the battery to start the trolling motor in cold weather at a temperature of -18 ° C for thirty seconds and a voltage exceeding 7.2 volts.

The User’s Manual of your marine boat brings this information. If not, this can obtain from the repair shop. Now, beware of similar data so you do not pig in a poke.

This warm start which is measured at a temperature of 27 ° C and is the starting performance which is measured at a temperature of 0 ° C.

To convert HCA CCA, multiplied by 0.69 and the HCA to convert AC CCA, CA multiplies by 8. Reserve capacity. Is the time in minutes that the trolling motor can run if the charging system fails and cannot support the electrical needs of the marine boat and have to rely on the battery only.

It is always preferable to a battery with a high reserve capacity. This reserve hovers around 100 minutes.

So just follow this infographic to pick your best trolling motor battery.

Infographic of top 5 best trolling motor battery

Source: Trolling Power Solution

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